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Why Amtoss?

Focus on team

We are united by the desire to create top-notch solutions in a friendly atmosphere of trust and support. Each team member is valuable, each team member is heard.

Ability to grow
and fulfill

When the team succeeds, AMTOSS florishes. We create personal development plans for every employee, creating unlimited opportunities for people to reach their personal and professional goals.

A safe space
to be creative

We encourage innovation in every bit of work we do. Valuing progressive thinking and a creative approach to development, we strive to deliver market-leading solutions for our clients.


We invest heavily in the team’s professional development, providing English classes, internal skills training, and regular workshops, as well as conference and courses reimbursement.

Open Positions

Our Voices

Volodymyr Murashko

Team Leader Global Support

AMTOSS is a big family with intelligent, efficient family members, who have a big heart and a great sense of humor. The people who surround me every day motivate me to be better, to improve my knowledge, to open up new horizons. Being part of great team and contributing to its success makes me proud.

Elita Goncharova

Language & Skills Training Instructor

“I’ve been with the company for quite a while now: first as an out-staffed trainer, and eventually as a full-time English Language and Skills Instructor. It was a great honour for me to become part of the AMTOSS team and contribute to their success.

From what I see, newcomers appreciate the hands-on approach to staff development. Working side by side with strong experts who are always ready to share expertise is what enables continuous growth opportunities for others. Managers promote professional education leading by example, thus setting the tone for the rest of the team.

The people I interact with are worth their weight in gold. Not only do they demonstrate high professionalism in the workplace but also their personal qualities are exceptional. Trust, commitment and encouragement create a unique atmosphere that I am proud to belong to. The overall environment is respectful and stress-free, but there is no place for idlers.”

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Oleksandr Skrynnik

Team Lead

Every day brings new challenges and an inspitation to grow. We never stop learning new things to deal with daily tasks in the best possible way. I’m very proud to be a part of a great team. I’m also happy to work with friendly, collaborative, talented top-level engineers.

Anna Sierik

QA Engineer

Amtoss gave me a great opportunity to grow professionally and personally. I’ve worked in different teams and participated in a few exciting complex projects in the company. Currently, I continue to improve QA processes on the most amazing and complicated project and it’s never boring.

Also, a big plus working in the company is that we have perfect English lessons and everyone has a chance to improve the language level. That’s why we can easily communicate with our colleagues from different countries and even represent on a good level the company on our business trips.

The key things in Amtoss are a professional dedicated team of highly talented people and a friendly kind atmosphere. I am happy to be a part of such a good company as Amtoss.

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Yevgen Shmorgun

Software Engineer

If you are keen on everyday challenges, like to learn, enjoy bringing something useful not only for yourself but for your team and company, if your efforts are acknowldged and if you just have simple feeling that you are in the right place- that’s about our company Amtoss.