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We believe in operational excellence and never compromise on quality. AMTOSS is recognized as a company whose attention to detail and quality project management result in well-crafted software solutions, designed with the client’s operational capacity, budget, and time to market in mind.

In our development effort, we always put the needs and goals of our clients first. That is why many of our clients have been with us for over a decade, benefitting from our long-term strategic partnership. We boost businesses’ success, helping increase productivity and drive some buzz, by crafting and enhancing scalable enterprise-grade software solutions. AMTOSS handles the system, you handle the business. With us, it’s that simple.

Business Support Systems (BSS)

AMTOSS supports your vision by providing BSS products and end-to-end solutions, accelerating your time to market and enhancing your agility and scalability in launching new services rapidly, to help monetize your customer journey. Our solutions can be cloud-native or on-premise, meeting your organizational needs and support all customer segments (consumer, SMB, enterprise, wholesale) and business models (B2B2X, 5G, IoT, and marketplace solutions.)

Operational Support Systems (OSS)

AMTOSS OSS enables service agility and operational efficiency through automated operations across complex hybrid environments enabling flexibility, elasticity, and resilience. Service providers benefit from faster service creation and delivery, improved operational agility, and lower TCO.

Cloud-Native Solutions

AMTOSS solutions are cloud-native. It is about how the application is designed, deployed and operated and not where. Our software is specifically built to run in the elastic and distributed hybrid cloud environment defining the world today. We take advantage of cloud computing’s agility and scalable nature, its loose coupling to the infrastructure and global availability, allowing deployment and access across technology boundaries.

Key Industries
We Serve


End-to-end digital solutions for modern telecom companies and MVNOs, that offer wireless and fixed telecommunication services, ranging from core network management software and omnichannel platforms to P2P engines, and subscriber data management solutions.


Cloud and on-premise solutions for traditional utilities and green energy suppliers to plan, manage, control, visualize, and optimize electrical power distribution networks, featuring utility billing management, CRM, partner management, automatic meter reading systems, etc.


Accurate software solutions, designed to improve, modernize, and support companies’ Payments-as-a-Service platforms introducing financial reconciliation models as BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) and HNPL (Hire Now, Pay Later) in one business interaction. Built with flexible architecture and microservice-based ecosystem enhancing billing, invoicing, customer service and financial accounting.


Conferencing and collaboration tools and communication solutions with a great focus on simplifying employee management, enhancing product development, improving client relations, and boosting customer engagement.

Public Sector

We help local, state, and national agencies and public sector organisations transform their IT infrastructure through digital technologies to support core government functions, legal and regulatory frameworks, and data management.


Leveraging engineering and data science excellence, we create easy-to-use property management systems of any complexity and build custom ERP, CRM, booking & reservation, and accounting software, providing the necessary automation for hospitality businesses.

Media & Entertainment

In a rapidly changing market, AMTOSS helps CSPs transform business, redefine the customer experience, capitalize on digital convergence, and quickly launch new business models.