Technical Support and Software Maintenance Services

Ensuring Your Software Operates Swiftly

Our advanced technical support and software maintenance services will ensure that your technical issues are flawlessly managed, maintenance windows and software updates are handled with minimal downtime, and bugs are fixed in consistence with your SLAs.

Being aware of the effort it takes to build your business, our support teams are also trained to provide managed services in connection with your software, so you can focus on expanding the business, while we assure your business continuity.

We Will Help You

Protect Your Solution

AMTOSS will help you identify solution shortcomings and potential risks, working closely with your in-house teams to provide a swift resolution. We will also cooperate with you to ensure seamless adaptation to environmental and infrastructure changes and to integration related updates.

Provide Support On a 24/7 Basis

Our technical support and maintenance services offer three levels of support, either independently or in cooperation with your in-house teams, so as to assure an exceptional service level to our clients. Our services are offered on a 24/7 basis.

Build Domain Expertise

The know-how and domain expertise necessary to support your clients is effectively transferred to our support teams that complement or replace your in-house engineers. We are experienced in setting up a knowledge base that ensures a faster knowledge transfer, efficient onboarding of resources to your support team, swift incident resolution, and easier self-service for your end-users.

Timely Resolve Issues

With AMTOSS, your response time obligation is met without delay or red tape, issues are efficiently identified, and a workaround and a permanent resolution are devised effectively to keep you and your clients up and running without any interruptions.

Reduce Operational Costs

Our years of expertise ensure a smooth setup and robust support framework, allowing you to reduce your operational costs, thus allocating greater budget for R&D and growth.

How We Do It

We identify a problem in the fastest way possible, as we use on-hand tools for spotting performance issues. We also utilize an active monitoring system that can identify issues before you could notice.


To ensure steady product flow, L1 support will offer an immediate resolution for the following issues:

  • General usage guidelines
  • Interface elements
  • System requirements
  • Getting started, connection

This support includes more in-depth tech knowledge, yet is able to provide resolution without code editing:

  • Database improvements
  • Cloud infrastructure activities
  • Integration point obstacles
  • Application workflow

In this case, the support requires code editing by experts for resolving issues or improving products’ performance:

  • Performance and security issues
  • Integration point tuning and updates
  • Bug fixing
  • Compliance checks and system improvements