DevOps Services

We Make Software Better

AMTOSS understands the importance of continuous delivery and integration. With a team of experienced and enthusiastic DevOps specialists, you will enjoy smooth releases and impeccable final build quality based on a proven process sharpened through years of operation.

We Will Help You

Reduce Time to Market

Streamlined software delivery does wonders for the project schedule and for the time to market. From start to finish, our experts cover your infrastructure setup and support, so the developers can focus on key business goals. We know which levers to pull and make your product reach the market in the shortest amount of time.

Automate the Workflow

Automating processes means a higher level of proficiency and we make the best of it. Our specialists will set up and maintain a powerful infrastructure that will work sleekly and autonomously, running your services with no downtime.

Integrate Technologies

DevOps means readiness for constant updates and releases from the customer’s side, and we make it possible — we set up the process to make integration points clear and accessible. Whether it’s a legacy product to improve or a brand-new software waiting for a release, we make code changes easy to apply and release a holistic product.

Improve Performance

Our DevOps teams are a rare blend from all trades being analysts, developers, quality assurance experts or administrators. We recommend, revise, adjust, test, stabilize, and generate the release you will roll into production.

Secure the Business

We treat products like a treasure, as such, our DevOps specialists establish the barrier so it’s protected from outer breaches. For both the cloud and on-premise based products, we set up a robust access system that will leverage access control and easy-to-understand monitoring and loggings tools.

How We Do It

We identify a problem in the fastest way possible, as we use on-hand tools for spotting performance issues. We also utilize an active monitoring system that can identify issues before you could notice.


Firstly, we analyze the needs and areas where we could apply improvements to existing infrastructure, possible risks, and a clear ROI plan.


Then, we establish an environment for code versioning, develop scripts, bring automation tools, and create a project infrastructure. When these are done, we roll out the created practices and apply them to your project.


To maintain smooth DevOps sailing, we set up a continuous testing process for non-stop risk spotting and avoiding system performance bottlenecks.


On top of assisting with the release process, we take care of release notes generation and take a vital part in the IT maintenance and support operations.