Digital Transformation Services

Give Your Enterprise a Digital Future

Improve productivity and customer experience to support your business’ growth, and increase sales with AMTOSS’ digital transformation services. We will help you leverage the emerging technologies, adapt to application workload needs, streamline and automate processes, and provide you with the tools to monetize and reduce costs.

How We Help

Improve Business Scalability

We understand the importance of staying responsive to the evolving market demands and create robust and easily-scalable IT solutions, utilizing the power of data to allow businesses to grow at a rapid pace. Moreover, it helps mitigate risks and unlock new monetization opportunities.

Automate Operations

AMTOSS empowers companies to stay ahead of the curve of the ever-changing consumer expectations and experience while taking advantage of the digital landscape. Our expert team helps transform internal organizational structure, processes, and business models, thus streamlining the workflow, boosting efficiency, and increasing sales and profit.

Reduce Costs

Legacy software still stays the foundation and a critical asset of every enterprise, but the cost of maintaining it increases. Using rich business intelligence, AMTOSS integrates digital software solutions to help reduce cost and maximize ROI.

What We Do

AMTOSS’ experts work closely with your team to build digital solutions that are simpler, clearer, and faster to use.

Software Modernization

Taking advantage of our team’s knowledge and experience in designing enterprise-level solutions, we conduct a thorough analysis of the project requirements and specifications to identify and create a software product that fits your business needs perfectly.

Digital Product Strategy

Our clients have access to a professional team of skilful software engineers that include a large number of senior engineers with a profound knowledge of design, solution architecture, software development and project implementation, who are up-to-date with industry best-practices.

Data and Analytics

While designing custom-tailored digital solutions, we help enterprises with their data-mining efforts, providing the tools and AI capabilities for the extraction and analysis of data, hence enabling our clients to derive most valuable insights from the data lake they produce on a daily basis.