Our Clients

With over a decade of software engineering experience and dozens of projects under our belt, we know how to support your growth strategy and business continuity with custom-tailored software solutions. We are constantly expanding our reach and are proud to have partnered with some of the world’s most famous and prominent brands and technology innovators.

Clients' Reviews

We are very proud of the services we provide and stand by every product we carry.

Yair Alan Griver

“The depth of knowledge, seniority, and professional expertise that AMTOSS offers, together with an unparalleled partnership program, allowed us to substantially shorten the time to market of our offering and deliver a state-of-the-art platform to our customers. When you work with AMTOSS, you work with senior engineers with years of experience in delivering enterprise solutions with the flexibility and productivity of a dynamic startup.”

Dave Lendler
Vice President Research Solutions

“I have been working with the AMTOSS team for five years. Their engineers have been excellent to cooperate with and a key piece of our engineering successes over this time. They have worked side by side with our other developers and the product team and always demonstrate professionalism, dedication, great communication skills, and willingness to help our team in any way they can.

AMTOSS’ engineers have shown an amazing ability to adapt to the technologies and problems we’ve asked them to take on. From native mobile projects to database tuning to sophisticated algorithms that solve complex business logic, they have consistently delivered high quality work on time and on budget.

Most recently we developed a solution with the AMTOSS team to build a toolset that allows us to automate complex data mapping and workflow translations between two separate products within our Research suite. This project has been a great success and we expect more to come.”

Paul Wessiack

“We have been working with AMTOSS for several years and have engaged them in multiple projects that we carry out jointly with our internal teams. Many of these projects cater a Tier 2 Communication Service Provider in Central Europe and its enterprise customers.

AMTOSS engineers have become an inseparable part of our internal teams, are dedicated and hard working and have been consistent in delivering quality software to our utmost satisfaction.”

Eyal Gilad
Reginal Vice President, Europe

“AMTOSS’ team cooperated with us for many years in supporting one of the primary telecom operators in Europe. Their engineers demonstrated professional knowledge, in-depth domain expertise, and merged seamlessly with our teams to provide our client with superb service.”

Joe Simmons
Co-Founder and President

Founded in 1997, Kansys is a BSS/OSS best of breed services, software and cloud integrator specializing in the collection, analysis and monetization of Complex B2B data. We currently process over 4 billion network events per month, have extensive knowledge on multiple billing systems, and take pride in over 78 successful billing system conversions.

We have partnered with AMTOSS to support our clients and the continuous development of our proprietary software solution Kansys Edge. AMTOSS’ engineers are highly professional, demonstrate in-depth domain expertise and superb product knowledge, are very dedicated to their assignments and challenges and are a pleasure to work with. They have worked side by side with our product and support engineers and merged seamlessly with our teams to provide excellent service.